Metro Smokers in Westland

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9am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday. Located in the Regency Plaza on Middlebelt Rd Between Ann Arbor Trail & Joy Rd

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8155 Middlebelt Road
Westland, MI 48185

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(734) 266-7008


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Metro Smokers online

Huge Line of Smoking Accessories. Premium Glass (All Sizes and Styles), Portable and Table-Top Vaporisers, New Pen Style for E-liquids, Oils, Wax, and Herbal. (Pax, Grenco Science, Snoop Dogg G-pen, da Vinci, Volcano, Vapir Rise 2.0, Stealth, Atmos, 710 Pen, Solo, Vaporite, Majic Flight, Vapor Genie and Much More). Kratom! Kratom! Kratom! Yes we have it...A Wide Variety of it. We Carry Crushed Leaf, Powder, Capsules, Liquids & Extracts. You Can Choose Strains from Bali, Thai, Malay & Indo with Red, Green or White Veins. Huge Selection of Detox and Synthetic Products with Belts, Warmers and or Prosthetics. Shampoos, Oral Clean and Tests. (Strip Detox, Expulsion, Ready Clean, Stat Detox, Monkey Whiz, Syntex 5, Whizzinator and Whiz Kit, Quick Fix Plus and Many More). Wide Variety of Electronic Cigarettes: Pen style, Cig-A-Likes (Kits and Disposables), Mods, Box Mods. Top Selections of E-Juices Made In The USA, Organic, Kosher With Clean Lab Certified. Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Tanks for All Styles (Aspire-Atlantis, Nautilus, Elite, Mega; Kanger Tech-Sub Tank, Mini, Nano, Aero, Pro Tank; Cloupor Tanks; Ion Tanks) Re-buildable Drip Tanks. Replacement Batteries, Coils, USB and Wall Chargers and Disposable Tanks. Hookahs Accessories Galore! Shisha Tobacco and Non-Tobacco (Herbal), Steam Stones. Star Buzz, Alfakher, Nahkla, and 360 Tobacco Brands and More. Premium Cigars Featured in a Walk-in Humidor. Nice Selection of Cigar Humidors, Travel Humidors, Lighters, Cutters and Other Premium Cigar Accessories. Large Variety of Domestic Cigars (Guaranteed fresh in our Humidor Case). Full Line of Roll-Your-Own Tobacco and Accessories at Guaranteed Low Prices. Variety of Manual and Electric Rolling Machines Always in Stock. Top-o-Matic, Premier, Powermatic Electric, Zen Super Shooter Electric, and Fresh Choice Electric (special order), To Name a Few. Incense Sticks (Big & Small), Cones, Oils, Burners. Amazing Smoke Exterminator Candles (Only Sold in Premium Tobacco Stores). Located in the Regency Plaza on Middlebelt Rd Between Ann Arbor Trail & Joy Rd
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