Kratom vs Salvia :: And the Winner is.....

Salvia was the center of stage before the whole bath salts and herbal incense took over smoke shops over the last 3-4 years. Salvia gained its popularity back after all the raids and attack on bath salts and herbal incense. Now salvia has a new competitor: Kratom!

And looks like salvia has no chance with this one. 

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New York NY 8th January 2013 - the 2012 plant report has shown that salvia has been loosing its ground to Kratom.  The report has noted that the growth of Kratom in the last 12 month has been significant with the plant being used for various clinical uses. Although the position of salvia has remained well on the high, for the next few years it will be very obvious that Kratom will take its place. The good thing about the growth of Kratom is purely based on the fact that it has been backed by a lot of results.

The 2012 plant report has been released showing the continued growth in Kratom over salvia. Although the growth of salvia has been well in the high for the last few years, the recent path taken by Kratom has been gaining more ground disposing off salvia in the process. The good thing about the unprecedented growth of Kratom is the fact that it has been backed by strong research evidence documenting the profound use of the organic plant in different areas.  In a report highlighted by the continued popularity of Kratom has been met by very strong challenges most of which have extended to the proposed illegalizing of the product.

Although it seems that based on studies that Kratom is cleaner and more effective relative to salvia and many other baths and salts, the fundamental health benefits and the potent nature of the plant has contributed highly to its recent position.  Kratom has also been embraced by therapists across the world as the most ideal supplement for opiate drugs in the treatment of addiction. It is this array of discoveries backed by strong medical evidence that has pushed the growth of Kratom. The 2012 plant report could not have been more accurate. The next few years will prove very defining for Kratom both in the negative and the positive.

The growing pressure on Kratom is growing with big pharmaceutical leading a propaganda campaign to outlaw the point which has now been on the high rise in the United States. All the same, the proposed research on the plant will provider greater insights and with the current discoveries now well documented, there is no limits to what will be discovered.  The take over by Kratom over salvia has surely been well on the cards yet even so it has been marked by significant shows of dominance on very many areas.

Salvia all the same has also had its share of success and it remains a very important and arguably very popular psychoactive plant in the sector.  Based on the current momentum that has been shown by Kratom it is safe to assume that when it comes to the available psychoactive plants, Kratom is in many ways looking to be the product of the future. The plant report has captured the growth very well and as more research grows on the potential use of the plant, there is more expected in the next 12 months.

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