Kulture Releases its Own Line of Glass Pipes

Kulture, a shop opened up as an outlet for the clothing and music in Richmond Virginia, now offers glass pipes from all american made glass.


Richmond Virginia’s smoking accessory hotspot, Kulture, has releases its very own brand of glass products. After successfully selling expertly made glass by outside manufacturers, Kulture has teamed up with local glass blowers to design a new line of glass products to be sold in-store and online.
Renowned high-quality smoking accessory specialty store, Kulture, has been providing its services for over a decade and is looking to expand even further with the release of its own line of glass products.
Kulture is one of the leading sellers of smoking accessories in North-America. After over a decade of being a supplier of unique water pipes, bowl pieces, vaporizers and specialty apparel, the company looks to further expand. Over the years, Kulture has seen how expert glass blowers perfect their art and is now looking to do the same.
The Kulture team has worked tirelessly with local glass artisans to create its own line of glass products using 100% American glass. Kulture brand glass accessories will include glass pipes, glass water pipes (straights and beakers), percs (tree and dome), and glass ash catchers, all in a variety of sizes.
When shopping for a water pipe, glass is always the appropriate choice. A glass water pipe does not contain any of the harmful plastics that may mix with your tobacco during repeated use. The experience is a smooth one and the surface remains cool to the touch unlike a metal pipe. Kulture took all these things into account and stuck to high quality glass to preserve this better smoking experience.
This marks the company’s first venture into designing and manufacturing its own glass accessories. In the past, Kulture has strictly outsourced glass from experts and industry leaders like Mobius Glassworks, 4.0 Glass, Toro SYN, and Illadelph Glass. Kulture has striven to separate itself from the abundance of cheap plastic or inferior glass products carried by other stores by producing a new line that is both durable and safe to use.
The strategy behind this growth is not to compete with established glass blowers but rather to introduce a fresh spin on the art. Kulture glass is different from other glass products as it is made with 100% American glass. This means it is not only local but clean as well, which is very important distinction for the Kulture team. The experience end to end should be a clean one while maintaining support for the local economy.
The design strategy behind the Kulture glass products is to stand out as both modern and functional. The sleek, clear design of the water pipes is made to be stylish, yet durable so they hold up over time and many uses. The glass pipes are made the same way, with no excess material used. If you are looking for an exceptionally well made line of American made glass water pipes and ash catchers the Kulture line is perfect for you.
All of the new glass products are featured on the Kulture online gallery - Kulture Glass Online. They can also be found at the Kulture outlet stores in Richmond, Virginia and Charlottesville, Virginia. To learn more about Kulture or find information about the new Kulture brand glass products, visit http://store.kultureva.com.
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