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Kulture Releases its Own Line of Glass Pipes

Kulture, a shop opened up as an outlet for the clothing and music in Richmond Virginia, now offers glass pipes from all american made glass.

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Broke Glass to Steal Glass Pipes :: 2 Teens Arrested

Two Long Island teenagers have been arrested for allegedly stealing $10,000 worth of glass tobacco pipes.

Nassau County police say the theft occurred in November at the Twisted Glass in Wantagh.
According to Newsday, police say the suspects gained access by breaking a window and then removing 19 “artisan bongs.”
The teens, both 16, face charges of third-degree burglary.
They were arrested over the weekend.
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Editor for SeattleWeekly Predicts Kratom will get Banned Sooner Than you Think

So this editor (Daniel Person) went to some local shop and bought the kratom infusion tea bag (really? there are so many better brands than infusion tea bag), and he thinks it's so strong that kratom will be banned like tomorrow or something.

This is what happens when people don't know shit about kratom go out there and try it and make up stories. Anyone with common sense would have done their own research rather than follow a news story.

And what's funny is that the news story they used for their research gave positive things to say about Kratom, and still Mr Daniel Person decides to predict when and how kratom will be banned.

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Native American Owned Smoke Shop 'Seneca Falls' Gets Raided

The report claims that the tribe is allowed to sell untaxed cigarettes to their tribe members, but when they sell outside their tribe, it's a state and federal issue where laws affect them.


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Kratom is in Same Category of Sugar or Coffee According to a New Study

Black coffee with 2 teaspoon of sugar and 3 teaspoon of Kratom please. Make that two, my wife wants one too. Put 4 teaspoon of Kratom in hers though, she's crankier than usual!

Kratom researches trying to put kratom in same category as sugar and coffee

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Kratom Craze in Pulallup Washington has Federal Drug Agencies Worried

Most general public doesn't know what kratom is, but it's possibly the most popular thing to sell in smoke shops nowadays. Here's a news article about Kratom from King 5 News in Washington:


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Customers can Exchange Their E-Cigarette If Unsatisfied

Eonsmoke electric cigarettes have launched a brand x-change program that will allow any customers who are not happy with their current E-Cig to be replaced with Eonsmoke's brand

Great way to build customer loyalty and even greater marketing tool

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